For the success of any project, its team plays a crucial role. It is the vision and determination of the team which helps them bring a revolution and difference in society. The core team at For Green Future also consists of 3 strong and determined women who are passionate and share the vision of making this world a better place to live for the coming generations. They are a reflection of courage, compassion and confidence.

Prerna Sharma

Prerna Sharma has many feathers on her hat. She is a serial entrepreneur, a passionate teacher and a businesswoman. She has been dawning multiple hats successfully for many years now. But none of her roles is as remarkable as that of a mother where she strongly desires to make a difference in the world so that coming generations can see a better world. Strong passion and innovative mind-set are what defines her. It is her vision for a better world that has led her to take up the challenge of preserving our Mother Nature. Her quest for bringing a revolution gives her the courage to take up the road less travelled.

Sanghamitra Pandey

Sanghamitra Pandey is another strong pillar of our team. After pursuing her MBA in finance and having an illustrious career across various industries, she took a break to support her family. Over the years, she has been concerned about the environmental changes taking place in our surroundings. As a mother of 2, she is worried about the kind of natural legacy that we will for our coming generations. It is her concern that has led her to work for various ideas for environmental conservation. She believes in collaborating with like-minded people sharing the same goals to bring a change in the world.

Neha Sharma

Neha is a strong woman with leadership qualities. She has had an established and flourishing career in technology. She is cheerful and thought-provoking ideas come naturally to her. After returning to India from her long stay in the UK, she was appalled by the environmental conditions here. She felt the need to bring a revolution for which strong actions need to be taken. Her ability to maintain relations and think out of the box is what makes her an extraordinary mother who can make change happen. Her ability to collaborate as a team player is what makes her a cherished pillar of the For Green Future team.

Rajesh Tiwari

Operations Manager ( NCR)

Rajesh is handling the operations for ForGreenFuture. After working in technology job for more than a decade , he decided to do something which motivates him and keeps him inspired. Aligned with the vision of ForGreenFuture he comes across as determined , organised individual with great problem solving skills.