Our Vision

We are working on a dream ‘For Green Future.’ It is our team’s mission to take the right steps towards making our dream come true. As humans, it is our responsibility to make the world a better place to live. We get so much from Mother Nature, and it is our turn to return the favour and make this world and Earth a better place to live. With so much pollution, it is time to contemplate what we are leaving for our future generations.

We are trying to create an opportunity for more and more people to contribute their bit in the conservation of the environment. We at FGF are on a noble mission to take control of our actions and create simple strategies for controlling the pollution taking place in the environment. As our first step towards the initiative, we have picked up waste management of flowers and waste that originates from temples. It is a known fact that every day tons of flowers and waste are discarded in the rivers across India. We try to gather the same from temples and prevent them from being dumped into the river and recycle them by making vermicompost, which works as fertilizers and help in the growth of plants and crops.

Project Prayaas

An Effort towards Sustainable Living


Prayaas is our very first project towards fulfilling our dream of a green and clean Earth. As the name suggests, it is our effort to contribute a bit towards cleaning our surroundings and maintaining the environmental balance. In our first project, we have picked up the holy city of Ayodhya, i.e. the birthplace of Lord Rama. It has utmost historical significance and is a popular city of Uttar Pradesh.

We have been collecting approximately 200 kg of waste flowers from various temples every day that were supposed to be discarded into the river SARAYU. We, then, use the waste for transforming it into high-quality vermicompost. It has dual benefits wherein we clean the river from the waste and create compost, which can be used in cultivation by people. This helps in keeping rivers clean and achieving good crop.

Sarayu Range of Products

We have a varied range of products from vermicompost to high-quality incense sticks and incense cones in lavender and Jasmine fragrances. These products are organic and free of chemicals. Just like our project, we wish to bring a difference with our quality and natural products as well. These products are a small step towards going green and using products that are natural and will not pollute the surroundings unlike their counterparts do.

Incense Cones

Incense Sticks

Charcoal Free Incense Sticks



Why to Buy Our Products

We have no external funding, and thus, these products are a way of generating income, which can help us in taking ahead our mission of creating a Greener Earth for living. You can contribute to the noble cause by buying our products. It is your small bit in our initiative to recycle temple waste and save the environment. Our range of products offers following to the people:

  • An opportunity to contribute to a noble cause.
  • Dream to make a difference in the world and make it a better place to live not only for us but also for future generations.
  • An opportunity to move towards eco-friendly and lesser polluting replacements to the polluting products that we use daily.
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