Our Vision

Since decades, we have been following the ritual of dumping flowers and other holy waste in the rivers. As per Hindu beliefs, you can’t discard the flowers and items used for worshipping anywhere else, so most of it is discarded in the rivers. Most of the holy rivers in India are facing pollution because of this contamination. This pollution is a threat to the environment as it is putting aquatic life in danger. The water bodies in India are already scarce and we are endangering their existence as well.

To prevent this pollution and imbalance in nature, we have taken the initiative to devise a complete process of converting the flowers into biodegradable compost. We are committed to making the waste more usable by bringing innovative technology. We are also working relentlessly to come up with products that can benefit nature. This is going to be a long process which needs extended research and resources. Any initiative or project can’t run with a handful of people, and we expect support and awareness from every individual that is aware of our campaign.

We as humans have got ample from Mother Nature, but, we, on the other hand, have polluted it in every way possible with our reckless behaviour and actions. But now it is time to pay back and preserve our precious Mother Nature, and we are taking the first step towards it by preventing river pollution. There are many people who wish to do something for preserving the environment but are not aware ofwhere and how to start. We at ‘For Green Future’ aspire to create a platform for people to join hands with us and enable us to bring a revolution which can help individuals in bringing a difference.